“Sewing has always been present in my home. I am nostalgic about the shirts that had been tailored by my Grandmother. I washed them by hand to prevent them from being damaged in the washing machine. My tailoring adventure started with narrowing my trouser legs when I was in year five in primary school. I always wanted my clothes to be different and more comfortable, and to stand out. Simply to have character. But primarily to be more comfortable, I think. I wanted them to be made of quality fabrics, and to wear well for many years, irrespective of the prevailing fashion. Finally, I decided to share my dreams with the world.

My name is Piotr Lipko. I was born in 1961. It seems like I was “born to tailor”.

The Pietro Sarto brand means timeless and comfortable men’s clothing inspired by the 1920s of poverty of Great Depression America, by the paupers’ of the Praga district in Warsaw or my childhood area of Bałuty in Łódź. I like clothes to look as if they were hand-me-downs, fitted by a self-taught tailor, by a mother or a grandmother. I like round collars, baggy trousers, and slightly too small jackets.

Pietro Sarto clothes are designed and made by myself. Irrespective of the obvious association of their look, they are made from top quality fabrics, from hand-woven wool, pure cotton denim from the best weaving plants or from 100% natural Polish linen. My clothes represent a certain way of perceiving the world and, at the same time, of perceiving man. Individualism and respect for a person’s needs is inherent in all of them. Each shirt and each pair of trousers are tailored in line with my inspirations. And even if the needle gets out of control, its lawlessness will go against mass production, thus confirming the primacy of tailor-made craftsmanship.

This is what Pietro Sarto means.”

I invite you to visit
my manufacture in Łódź
ul. Stefan Jaracza 23